How To Use The HUMLESS .64 For All Of Your Needs

The Humless .64 is a universal power storage system.  This means Humless built an intelligent system that can manage everything under the sun. From retrofitting to existing solar arrays  to storing power for large off-grid commercial businesses. No matter how complex your power needs are, the Humless Universal will work for you.

Humless's mission is to create the most reliable power storage systems. With the use of new and old technology they are able to build systems that store more power and last longer than their competition. Humless's state of the art lithium technology stores three times more than a traditional battery while able to cycle up to five times more energy.

In this video, they are using the Humless .64 unit which is the smallest and most portable energy storage system that Humless makes. They are also using a 265 Watt Solar Panel that is going to be able to plug right into the Humless .64. He then can take the shore power from the trailer and then plug it into the Humless, this will have all of the AC power working in the trailer.

The Humless portable products make it easy to bring power anywhere you need it. These energy storage systems are designed to be lightweight, durable and easy to carry. Wherever you need power, your Humless is there. Power your outdoor patio, keep the campsite lit, power a refrigerator for that long road trip you’ve always wanted to take. The possibilities are endless.

Durability and reliability is Humless's top priority when designing their power systems. They build the Humless product line with a durable metal shell that protects the inner components. Humless also designed and built their own circuit boards, battery management systems and inverters. This is how Humless can guarantee quality parts at a fair price.  Make Humless your choice to power your Tiny Home or RV today! 

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