Tiny Homes Launch with Apricus Solar Collectors

In February 2018, Gosford, NSW Australia the Tiny Homes Foundation launched it first 4 houses aimed at helping to solve homelessness.Tiny Homes Foundation is a not for profit organization dedicated to providing socially, environmentally and economically sustainable affordable housing solutions and support for people experiencing homelessness.

The construction of the houses also gave hands on learning opportunities to young people interesting in pursuing building as a career.  The Australian Apprentice Association (AAA) has partnered with the Tiny Homes Foundation (THF) in an innovative new model which combines the construction of homeless accommodation solutions and delivery of pre-employment skills training to local job seekers.

Apricus was excited to support the project with the donation of an Apricus ETC-22 solar collector for each house.  The collectors will provide the occupants with plenty of hot water and greatly the home's energy costs.

Click here to download the case study pdf.


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