6 Reasons To Choose Solar Power For Location Independent Van Life

Are you looking into installing a solar power system for your dream van or mobile tiny home? Installing solar power on a van/tiny house allows you to save money, protect the environment, and enjoy the freedom of a reliable, clean energy source. Read on to learn more about the many benefits of solar power for your van or mobile tiny home.

1. Save Money

Whether you’re using your van for short-term travel or your tiny home as an off-grid, location independent, permanent residence, you’ll save money by choosing solar power. Traditional energy sources are more expensive and can be unreliable, while solar power systems will give you long-term savings and reduce your power usage exponentially. You’ll have more money to spend on adventures and making memories rather than being stuck paying bills.

2. Protect the Environment

One of the best reasons to go solar in your van/tiny house is to protect the environment. Solar power is the best form of clean energy storage that will stand the test of time without bringing harm to the world around us. You’ll be doing your part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and eliminate our dependence on harmful fossil fuels.

3. Have Power, No Matter What

There’s nothing like knowing you have the energy you need, even if the grid shuts down or other disasters strike.With solar power,  your van/tiny home will store the power it gets from the sun, even a storm or power outage won’t stop you from getting the power you need for everyday living.

4. Enjoy Self-Sufficiency

You’ll love the comfort of being totally self-sufficient. When you have a solar-powered van/tiny home, you can cook, use appliances, and enjoy your TV, phone, and other devices all using clean, renewable energy from the sun, without having to worry about plugging in.

5. Use Less Energy Than You Think

Living in a solar-powered van/tiny home really makes you aware of how little energy you need to get by in life, without having to sacrifice on device usage or other everyday comforts. Blenders and hair dryers may use a significant amount of power, but otherwise, you’ll be surprised at how long your power supply lasts when you go solar. Make sure to do calculations in advance to get only as many batteries as you need for your uses and applications.

6. Maximize Energy With the Right Angles

Solar panels are a reliable source of energy anywhere you go, but you can further maximize the energy output by positioning your solar panels at just the right angle. Use a portable solar panel to enjoy ultimate flexibility with how you set up your van/tiny home solar power. You’ll be able to find just the right spot to maximize energy and do everything you love, anywhere in the world.

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