Senville Mini Split Airconditioners/Heat Pumps

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 About Senville: 

Senville is a leading retailer of mini split air conditioners and efficient heating and cooling products. Established in 2005, they've been helping to reduce energy consumption in home and businesses for over a decade.

Part of their mission aims to minimize greenhouse gases (CFCs i.e Freon) by carrying products with environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant, as well as, providing you, your family, and/or your business with green and eco-friendly products that meet the highest standards.

Energy Star Partner:

  • Senville carries a wide range of high efficiency, ENERGY STAR certified products, eligible for efficiency tax credits.  Save energy with Senville Today! 

Carbon Neutral: 

  • A proud partner of the CarbonFund.org, a program which promotes environmental initiatives and green energy programs, Seville has taken steps in designing their products to minimize their corporate carbon footprint by offsetting their CO2 emissions.
  • This last year, they offset 4.5 mT of CO2 emissions, and they're working hard to minimize the amount of energy they use.



Housing Initiatives: 

  • Working with initiatives like Habitat for Humanity, to help provide affordable cooling and heating solutions for low-income housing projects, Senville is proud to help out and offer an efficient way to heat and cool homes throughout the United States.
  • Over 100,000 mini split air conditioners and heat pumps have been installed across Canada and the United States!


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