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In 1972, Sture Andersson founded the original company in Sweden. His vision was to manufacture the most convenient waterless composting toilets in order to give customers a real alternative to regular flush toilets. The first model was called MullToa meaning composting toilet in Swedish. The MullToa fast became a wide-spread toilet alternative in Scandinavia. His idea to offer the best designed waterless composting toilet spread around the globe and by the mid 1980s MullToa and BioLet - its international brand name - were being patented and sold in over 30 countries.


BioLet's Milestones:

Over 40 Years of Experience!

  • 1972 Vakuumplast Industry of Sweden releases its first self-contained composting toilet under the name of Mulltoa. (The Mulltoa name is still used in many parts of the world, including Europe and Canada).
  • 1973 Mulltoa won the gold medal for outstanding design of an environmental product at the International Inventors Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland. To this day they maintain the prestige of being the only composting toilet manufacturer in the world to ever win this award.
  • 1985 The brand BioLet was introduced and the first fully-automatic composting toilet was launched worldwide.
  • 1991 BioLet was tested by the National Sanitation Foundation. BioLet compared its NSF test results with those of its competitors and it was determined that BioLet was the most efficient unit of its type.
  • 1992 BioLet is incorporated in the US and actively begins marketing to the American public.
  • 1999 BioLet opens its new headquarters in Ohio. Centralizing sales, distribution, research and development, and after-sales support in one location allowing BioLet to provide outstanding support to their customers.
  • 2004 BioLet moves to a larger and more modern headquarter in Ohio to adapt to the increase in demand for its environmental products.
  • 2005 BioLet is the first composting toilet in the world to receive the Svan Ecolabel from The Nordic Council of Ministers. Testing for the Svan Ecolabel is the most extensive testing with the most stringent requirements for waterless composting toilets in the world.
  • 2009 BioLet starts manufacturing some of its models in the USA.
  • 2012 BioLet Toilet Systems launches its new web site and introduces a new line of models featuring more automated features.
  • 2015 As the global leader in waterless toilet systems, BioLet introduces new features like the automatic liquid sensor & indicator light for emptying to make using and maintaining the BioLet toilets more convenient than ever!

How do BioLet Composting Toilets Work?

BioLet unites the natural composting process with advanced technology accelerating and optimizing biological decomposition, evaporating excess liquid and exhausting odors… all within an elegant bathroom fixture that is easy to use and economical to operate.


The closed-system BioLet toilets are fully automatic electric toilets that anticipate your every move! Sitting on the toilet seat opens the trap doors; closing the toilet seat lid activates the stainless steel mixing mechanism that efficiently breaks down paper and distributes moisture into the compost material in the upper chamber. Material in the upper chamber is finished in the lower chamber and eventually emptied. The BioLet 65 features LED maintenance indicators to let you know when it is time to empty the lower chamber. The non-composted portion and the dry, composted portion are kept separate.

A fan circulates warm air under and around the compost for fast decomposition and evaporation of liquid. A float switch operates an additional bottom heater if excess liquid is detected. Once a week or as needed, mulch is added through the toilet seat opening.

Using efficient Swedish technology, electrical consumption is very low with an adjustable thermostat, which is set according to the number of people using the toilet. When you are away for more than two days, just turn off your BioLet!

Easy to Clean and Maintain
• Made from durable polished polystyrene ABS plastic
• Smooth design; no crevices or hard-to-clean areas
• Removable toilet seat for extremely easy cleaning
• Equipped with a compost cover that hides toilet contents
• If used seasonally, empty the humus tray only once a year

Installation is Easy!

The average handy person can install a BioLet toilet in no time with common

household tools. Simply follow the clear instructions provided in the standard

installation kit. Installation instructions

 BioLet Warranty:

  • BioLet offers a 3 year warranty for any toilet parts that have manufacturing defects. They also offer a lifetime warranty for toilet body parts such as the tray, tank, and the base. is the best online store to find the best deals on BioLet Composting Toilets. 

BioLet 55 Composting Toilet
SAVE $544.99
BioLet 55 Composting Toilet
$2,255.00 $2,799.99
SAVE $544.99
BioLet Starter Mix
SAVE $24.00
BioLet Starter Mix
$45.00 $69.00
SAVE $24.00
BioLet Wall Vent Installation Kit
SAVE $100.99
BioLet Wall Vent Installation Kit
$299.00 $399.99
SAVE $100.99
BioLet 65e Composting Toilet
SAVE $859.99
BioLet 65e Composting Toilet
$2,970.00 $3,829.99
SAVE $859.99